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Accessing Documents from hard drive after server failure


Is there a way to view the uploaded documents from the drive on the server? The server we were using for opendocman failed. I have the drives, and can access the files, but i don’t see the documents we had stored. My guess is that they are stored in the .dat files. Is there a way to retrieve them? Worst case, can I install the latest opendocman on a different server and just copy the data directory from the old drive to the new space and the files will be available?

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hello, the .dat files are the raw files w/o the filename. Each .dat file is named after the file ID of the file in the database.

In order to restore completely, you would need the .dat files and a database backup file of some sort.

I have also had a crash, but I could not retrieve the.dat files. I have copies of all original documents that I could reload, but is there a way to upload the files again without re-starting from scratch?

You could technically write a script to do that but nothing included in the software currently would provide that functionality.