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Can I do this with ODM?


New member…hello all.
I do not know if I am posting in the appropriate place.
I wish to know if I can use ODM to accomplish the following:

There are 50 states forming Assemblies under the First Amendment for the original de jure Constitution for the united States of America; not the foreign corporate service provider corporations. One, the United States, Inc. Just went under. Apparently the virus that is actually an enhanced version of the common cold is being used to cover the 90 day shut-down of DC.

I intend to create a DM system that will do the following:

  1. Have 50 document repositories. There will be several administrators for each state but only one at a time can edit. The Admin can upload, manage, organize, revise and track revisions, delete and download documents.
  2. There will be an unknown number of people who have password access to all of the documents in all of the state repositories but they can only search and download.
    It is estimated these requests will eventually add up to millions.
  3. The documents with have a large number of types or categories.

Finally; can-- for example, the label (If that is the correct term) “Department” be edited to become “State”?

James Osbourne

Hello James,

Yes, you can accomplish all of that with OpenDocMan.

Thank you for the helpful response. Now, I must learn how to do it.