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Email Notification Issues

Thank you for the OpenDocMan software.
We just installed the software V 1.3.7 at our small organization and are trying to figure out the email notification part.
When a site admin creates a Document and Checks in a document we receive email notification but no one else receives the notification. Also, the Authorize part does not send out notification even after selecting everyone on the list. What are we missing ?

Hello, you may want to check your PHP logs, and verify you have sendmail configured properly on your server.

I am running on Ubuntu 14 and I always get a reply to emails sent by the system that says ‘error 5.7.1 client was not authenticated’. Our email is hosted by our ISP using Exchange 2013. I also tried setting up sendmail to relay but it does not work. If I was able to put settings into the system to tell it to send from a specified address with authentication like phpMailer that would make it easier.