Too Fragile for Production

I’ve been evaluating ODM, and it appears to be too fragile for any serious archive work. My experience can be summarized as follows:

  • I was able to install ODM (current version) successfully: Raspberry Pi, Apache 2, PHP, mariadb
  • I was able to upload several documents, of various sizes up to 2.5G
  • I deleted each of the documents. The only issue here is that document removal could take an inordinate amount of time – so long that the web session timed out.
  • After all the documents disappeared from the document list, I logged out and tried to log back in.
  • Every subsequent login produced the dreaded " 403 Access Forbidden by CSRFProtector!" error page. I could see the login page itself, but typing in a legal userid and password got the access-forbidden error.

Now, at this point I could delete config.php and re-initialize the database. However, since I couldn’t tell exactly why ODM started throwing the 403 error, I’m not convinced that this problem won’t happen again. Oh, there’s noting in the Apache error log or the other_vhosts_access.log that gives me any insight regarding the error.

If anybody has any suggestions for resetting this error or any rationale for why it’s happening on an otherwise functioning installation, let me know. At the moment I’m abandoning ODM.

Re: the file action performance, a Raspberry PI while usable, is not optimal in regards to cpu/ram availability.

For the 403 error, this is something that can be caused by a number of things. We have pushed fixes out for a few of the edge cases but it looks like maybe you are bumping up against another.

  • Is OpenDocMan installed into a subfolder (ie. http://mypi/opendocman)
  • Is OpenDocMan running on http or https protocol?