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Upgrading Base OS on System


I’ve been running OpenDocman for YEARS, and I love it. I run it on a VM system.

It is time to upgrade the OS on the VM. I’m currently running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and looking to go to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS…

So, looking for some guidance.

Should I just do a complete clean install and then restore the DB? If so, I have little experience with that, but plenty of techno-expertise to muddle through.

Would I just make a brand new instance that is ready for it’s first document, and then use MySQL utils to restore the DB?

In general, I’m asking for a BLOCK DIAGRAM of the steps for the best results.



In general you could zip up the opendocman folder, use mysql tools to backup the data, and zip up your dataDir contents. Then you would restore the zip files on the new server (using same folder structure),
create the mysql database on new server, restore your DB data to the new server.